Walz Tetrick Advertising is a full-service advertising agency that’s been around since 1967. What’s the key to our staying power? Our start-up power. Since 1996, owner Charlie Tetrick has led the agency with the fresh and feisty attitude of a start-up entrepreneur. Our think-tank environment helps clients at all stages of the business cycle gain valuable insights that lead to valuable marketing results.

Through our depth of expertise, and breadth of knowledge, we bring our clients a 360º view of the marketplace. You’ll appreciate fresh and compelling information about relevant products, services and cultural phenomena that are affecting your customers and vying for their time, interest and dollars.


When you work with Walz Tetrick Advertising, you have access to a team of fearless entrepreneurs who pursue greatness day in and day out. We’re team players with a global sensibility and a strong Midwestern work ethic. We encourage staff members at every level to take ownership of our product. Rookies are encouraged to “wow” clients. And our leaders are far more than just figureheads in a layered organization. They roll up their sleeves and get involved with every client who walks in the door and every piece of work that goes out the door.


  • Charlie Tetrick
    President & CEO
    Charlie Tetrick
    President & CEO

    When you meet Charlie, it’s obvious where WTA gets its start-up spirit. An entrepreneur from a young age, he started an agency fresh out of college. Still in his 20s, he merged to become managing partner and then sole owner of Walz Tetrick. Passionate about his clients and quick to adapt to new challenges, Charlie is always positive — positive he’ll get results. He’s the master of relationships, equally skilled at intimate exchanges and big-time pitches. In Charlie, clients get a strong partner and ally who knows every idea must have a purpose and build business. Under his leadership, WTA has grown in size, expertise and capability, winning global, national and prominent local accounts. But he’s never lost the spark that first ignited his career: the thrill of turning a business challenge into a business win—for clients and the agency.

  • Angela Presnell
    Director of Client Services
    Angela Presnell
    Director of Client Services

    Angela provides strategic direction and oversight for all agency accounts and account personnel. With more than 20 years of leadership and brand development on both client and agency sides, she brings extensive experience in executing national and local marketing campaigns, leveraging analytics and partnering with cross-functional teams to drive client growth. Her diverse background in multi-unit retail includes brands within the categories of QSR, automotive, travel and financial services, as well as consumer pet care and nutrition, and agriculture. 

    Angela has a successful track record of leadership with co-op and franchisee organizations. Her innovative and results-driven approach has been recognized with honors that include the McDonald’s Corporation CMO Marketing Excellence Award and McDonald’s Division Marketing Supervisor of the Year. She says experience has taught her many lessons, but she believes most things in life distill down to three principles:

    1.  1. Be true to who you are.
    2.  2. Listen to your customers and your people.
    3.  3. Deliver value through experience.

    Once these points align, everything else falls into place. 

  • Jeff Chase
    Creative Director
    Jeff Chase
    Creative Director

    Solving tough business challenges in memorably surprising ways is what fuels Jeff’s fire. After more than 30 years in the business, he is even more excited about producing great work as he was on day one. His strategic, results-oriented approach makes it easy for clients to fall in love with our product. And his creativity ensures that consumers will be captivated by it. Jeff’s work changes perceptions, inspires action and enables advertisers to cultivate relationships with their customers. His teams continually find fresh ways to make emotional connections that stimulate long-term loyalty. From TV, radio and print campaigns to outdoor boards, corporate videos and mailers, Jeff always keeps one eye on the marketing goal and the other on consumer insights. A lover of storytelling in nearly any form, Jeff loves a good presentation and is a sought-after speaker.

  • Blair Overesch
    Director of Media Services
    Blair Overesch
    Director of Media Services

    With more than 25 years of experience in media planning and negotiation, Blair is a firm believer in using media in ways that are just as creative and attention-grabbing as the advertising messages he’s placing. Whether it’s a national, regional or local campaign, Blair has designed WT Media around his career principles of optimum consumer engagement with maximum efficiency. Blair is skilled at many things, but he’s first and foremost a media planner. And, lucky for our clients, he loves to plan. You might find him preparing channel recommendations for a QSR client one day and entertaining new promotional options for a sports team the next. His long tenure in the business means he’s proficient in just about every category, but a long-term stint as vice president of media planning for the Sonic Drive-In account created a special talent for moving brands from local to regional to national.

  • Heather Knight
    Growth and Communications Officer
    Heather Knight
    Growth and Communications Officer

    Heather is a sucker for a transformation story. Wardrobe makeovers. Home remodels. Businesses. People. She’s even more fascinated when groups come together and create solutions they could never dream up alone. In the business world, this translates to transformative business growth. With a career built on helping people and organizations maximize their influence, Heather is experienced in recruiting clients and developing platforms for agencies both big and small. She believes a true agency fit is one of the most exciting things that can happen for both an organization and an agency, and she makes it her mission to foster an open, collaborative environment from the start. Heather thrives on helping prospects move from “here” to “there” during the agency search process, and she considers it a privilege to broker the exchange of ideas along the way.

  • Eric Lykins
    Eric Lykins

    A steady force behind WTA’s success, Eric enables everything we do. He’s an integral part of the leadership team, setting goals, matching operations to strategy and measuring results. As exacting and methodical as any CFO, Eric also savvy and proactive, regularly asking questions and suggesting new ways of doing things. He wears many hats and is valued as much for his sense of humor as his calm advice. A former DJ, he’s our rock ’n’ roll trivia expert. And he’s the only one we trust with the football pool. Navigating between strategy and details, Eric gives us the support and tools we need to do great work. His work as a controller for a software firm and city finance officer prepared him well for advertising’s quick pace. You won’t meet anyone more passionate our business.

Niche Market Leadership

The indomitable start-up spirit that is shared among the members of our leadership team also burns within our niche market leaders. Every day, these industry specialists jump-start the marketing for clients using deep category experience and consumer insights.

  • Debbie Harris
    Account Supervisor, Health
    Debbie Harris
    Account Supervisor, Health

    Debbie says she “grew up” in healthcare—both human and animal. Diverse experience on both the client and agency sides has contributed to her reputation for having a well-rounded, informed and solution-neutral approach. With Debbie, the best idea wins. Over the years, she has developed and coordinated a wide range of marketing projects, including sales incentive programs, new product development and introduction, product strategy and competitive research within the healthcare category. She has worked with key opinion leaders in the healthcare realm to identify opportunities for unique technological applications. With extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, Debbie has developed and managed cross-channel strategic marketing plans for medical clients. A respected, results-oriented change agent, Debbie loves to laugh and says she has never met a person she couldn’t learn from. 

  • Katie Knox
    Account Supervisor, Sports & Recreation
    Katie Knox
    Account Supervisor, Sports & Recreation

    Ten plus years of brand development in hospitality marketing has taught Katie the value of knowing her audience and developing extraordinary customer experiences. For her resort clients, she has pioneered social media and online strategy to keep customers and prospects fully engaged at every touch point. In the sports and gaming sectors, Katie has led the charge through more than two dozen moves, launches and property expansions. With experience on both the agency and client sides, Katie forges connections between business goals, marketing best practices and deep industry insights. Not one to manage from afar, Katie believes in rolling up her sleeves and digging in, providing strategies that influence customer behavior and drive profitability. A successful and inspirational leader, Katie leaves both brands and people better than she finds them.

  • Shannon Bassett
    Account Supervisor, B2B
    Shannon Bassett
    Account Supervisor, B2B

    Shannon is a valued and trusted senior business partner with an instinct for knowing when to listen and when to contribute. Enthusiastic and accessible with an acute sense of urgency, she collaborates with her clients to manage key projects, motivate personnel and exceed goals. Shannon’s 20-year career is centered around brand planning and problem solving for B2B clients. She knows how to navigate complex sales channels and fully understands the intricate dynamics of corporate decision-making. From strategic planning and sales force integration to product launches and lead generation, Shannon helps businesses establish themselves as leaders in their fields.

  • Jason Selby
    Account Supervisor, Franchise & Multi-Unit Retail
    Jason Selby
    Account Supervisor, Franchise & Multi-Unit Retail

    Jason is an experienced advertising and media innovator with a proven track record for delivering results through brand strategy and teamwork. He began his advertising career in media buying 24 years ago before branching into account service and eventually accepting the role of area vice president of field marketing for American Dairy Queen. This diversity of experience has honed Jason’s integrated approach to client challenges and his collaborative skill for helping brands and franchisees identify opportunities and develop creative, results-oriented strategies. With a reputation for integrity and doing things the right way, Jason quickly earns the trust of clients, franchisees and vendors while moving the needle and growing the brand’s bottom line.

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