McCownGordon Construction

Branding, Print, Digital

Building a stronger brand from sketch to skyline.

McCownGordon Construction enjoys a reputation for strong collaboration and project management among clients, but believed their brand wasn’t as well defined for companies without first-hand experience. So they tapped Walz Tetrick Advertising to bring their core values to life through a cohesive yet flexible campaign to reach the audience where they were paying attention. WTA’s answer: “From Sketch to Skyline.”

Print Ads

McCownGordon projects are the focus of the ads, but with a visual twist. Photos are combined with blueprint illustrations enhanced with callouts to demonstrate how McCownGordon’s end-to-end stewardship delivers better results at a lower cost.

Digital Takeover

Walz Tetrick also deploys digital display ads to solidify the McCownGordon brand promise. Since context is important when speaking to this B2B audience, business-oriented websites are selected based on the target’s level of engagement. This page takeover ad features three synced ad units: left and right skyscrapers connected by an expanding horizontal ad.