Dairy Queen

Account Service, Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, Local Store Marketing

How do we make regional marketing such a sweet deal?

In the competitive, quick-service restaurant landscape, media muscle and creative promotions are in high demand. Our success in both areas has made Walz Tetrick Advertising the largest regional agency for Dairy Queen, managing more markets than anyone else nationwide.

Restaurants pool their marketing dollars and turn to us for execution. Our willingness to work closely with franchisees, regardless of location, market size or budget has been key to our success. We put a lot of miles in, but it’s worth it. Just ask our franchisee partners.

From direct mail, to TV and radio, to digital and social media, franchisees get significant ROI from their marketing investment. We plan and purchase close to 50 markets, so we exercise considerable media clout, buying below market, exceeding goals, stretching budgets and achieving significant added value.






Experience has taught us the trifecta of franchisee programs: turnkey execution, low cost of entry and transaction-driving coupon offers. Working closely with the DQ field marketing project manager, we develop and execute tactics that solve specific business challenges, generating traffic and sales. Our longest-running franchisee favorite is the DQ Coupon Book Program.

In 2014, we took the program nationwide, developing an opt-in coupon book opportunity for all DQ franchisees, not just our DMA partners. Franchisees order and customize online, and we work with franchisees to customize the delivery area to their unique market needs.

The word is out on this traffic-driving program. Every year, more and more franchisees join. In 2016, we executed close to 4 million coupon books.