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Social Media Gets Down to Business

By | B2B, Digital, Social

Social media insights for B2B marketers I’ve been working with B2B companies since I started in advertising and one thing I can tell you is that no two industries are the same. Each has a unique set of issues, goals, product sets and … you name it. Some have long sales cycles due to highly complex products and purchase decisions. Others are governed by lengthy…

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Social Media Icons

Top 3 Ways to Stay (Mostly) Socially Sane

By | Media, Strategy

If you’ve ever worked in social media, you know it can be both fun and infuriating. When I describe my job to people, they say, “Great, you get paid to play on Facebook all day!” While this is (semi) true, it is not the whole story. That ad dashboard that took months to learn the ins and outs of? Completely redesigned. The targeting options I…

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