The Walz Tetrick Media team has media planning and buying skills that rival any agency in the country. By negotiating with integrity and maintaining excellent relationships, we are able to help our clients earn exceptional return on investment. When you partner with WTA, we’ll spend your dollars as if they’re coming out of our own wallets. We’re not cheap, but we know how to spot a good deal.



We believe research makes all the difference. Rather than assign a generic media plan based solely on market size, we perform an in-depth study of your target audience and local market factors before making any recommendations. Knowing your customers’ hobbies, habits, lifestyle and work stresses helps us determine the most cost-efficient place, time and manner to engage them.

After we establish the ideal environment for your message, we fight like crazy to earn you the best position available. You deserve it! Whether it’s Digital, Social Media, TV, Radio, Outdoor or any other communication method, our goal is to make sure your message is noticed and remembered. After all, why toss a lot of little pebbles in the pond, when you can make a great, big splash?


Connecting with your message means meeting people where they are, and when they’re paying attention. More and more that means online and mobile. Strategic digital media buying and smart social media strategy are essential. We put industry-leading social and digital media analytics tools to work for you for careful targeting. And we test, measure and optimize your campaign along the way, so you can get the best return on investment.


Our track record for securing added value has helped make us one of the Kansas City area’s top media buying agencies. We work hard to extend the reach and frequency of every campaign, averaging 15 to 20 percent unpaid added value on each buy. That might mean more impressions, better positioning, more frequent placement, bonus commercials, mentions by on-air personalities, interviews, sponsored articles and e-blasts.


Our work isn’t over once your schedules are placed. We continue to monitor your in-flight messages to ensure quality delivery, holding our media partners 100% accountable for every single one of your valuable messages. If warranted, we secure make-goods within the flight for equal or greater value. You’ll also receive a post-buy analysis report with our recommendations for future added-value opportunities.


The media landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years (not to mention the last 10 minutes). At WTA, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the most current media opportunities, but you won’t find us jumping on the bandwagon of every trend. We adopt new ideas cautiously. When we present you with an innovative approach, you can be sure it’s a winner.


Walz Tetrick invests in and utilizes the most respected media research and management software in the industry. These in-house tools help our team plan, negotiate and buy media more effectively and efficiently for all our clients.

Blair, Melba and the full media team at Walz Tetrick are in tune with the unique demands of each market and have demonstrated the strong relationships they have built with each station. They share their insight into market changes and challenges as they arise and provide the best media plan to achieve goals, regardless of current market conditions. It’s comforting to know our goals are their goals, and they are met 110%.

Nikol TheisDirector of Field Marketing
Dairy Queen


While it’s gratifying to win creative awards, we’re equally proud that the WTA Media team has been honored locally and nationally for exceptional media planning and buying. Walz Tetrick has twice been named Agency of the Year by Media Mix. In 2017, Our “Forever Royal” campaign for the Kansas City Royals was also awarded Agency Campaign of the Year. Other Media Mix honors include Media Legend, Agency Media Buyer of the Year, the Diane Freels Award for Media Excellence, Media Pioneer and Agency Support of the Year. Media Mix is a Kansas City area not-for-profit organization that honors one local agency per year for consistent growth and outstanding accomplishments in the industry and community.

But our reputation extends well beyond the Midwest. Thanks to the extensive collaboration between our media and creative teams, Walz Tetrick has also earned multiple OBIE out-of-home advertising awards, along with international gold and bronze Sports CLIOs for our traffic-stopping Royals work.

Media Leadership

  • Blair Overesch
    Director of Media Services
    Blair Overesch
    Director of Media Services

    With more than 25 years of experience in media planning and negotiation, Blair is a firm believer in using media in ways that are just as creative and attention-grabbing as the advertising messages he’s placing. Whether it’s a national, regional or local campaign, Blair has designed WT Media around his career principles of optimum consumer engagement with maximum efficiency. Blair is skilled at many things, but he’s first and foremost a media planner. And, lucky for our clients, he loves to plan. You might find him preparing channel recommendations for a QSR client one day and entertaining new promotional options for a sports team the next. His long tenure in the business means he’s proficient in just about every category, but a long-term stint as vice president of media planning for the Sonic Drive-In account created a special talent for moving brands from local to regional to national.

  • Melba Morris
    Broadcast Media Buying Director
    Melba Morris
    Broadcast Media Buying Director

    Other buyers might suspect that Melba is at least part bionic. She has the positive relationships that keep her in the know about opportunities for our clients and the clout to stretch media dollars to unbelievable lengths. She may also be part stealth bomber, because she has a knack for knowing what the competition is planning and trumping it for her own client’s sake. In fact, Pizza Hut created the Agency Media Buyer of the Year award specifically to honor her heroic efforts. Like Adele, Bono or Madonna, the name “Melba” is a brand in itself. She’s the stuff of legends. And she has a Media Legend award to prove it.

  • Holly Andruk
    Digital & Social Media Manager
    Holly Andruk
    Digital & Social Media Manager

    Holly plans, buys and traffics digital media with a strong emphasis on niche, local and national sites. Her clients benefit from her ability to quickly absorb research data, boil it down to relevant insights and then clearly communicate the plan both internally and externally. Holly’s mission is to help her clients reach as many potential customers as possible without getting lost in the clutter or busting the budget. She says she likes media because it’s always moving—not surprising, considering she’s lived in Texas, Memphis, Knoxville, Brazil, Seattle and, lucky for us, Kansas City. Wherever she is, Holly’s curious mind and openness to new opportunities makes her a valuable resource to media colleagues and clients alike.