We get emotional about Business-to-Business marketing

At Walz Tetrick, we believe businesspeople are people, too.

There are two sides to every brain and, therefore, two sides to every purchase decision. Yes, even with something as emotional as an engagement ring, there’s an inescapable rational process going on in the mind of that lover. (Where do you think that “two months’ salary” argument came from?) On the other end of that continuum is where B2B marketing lives. Offices buy reams of paper and copiers. Manufacturers source engine components and raw materials through a complex procurement process. Even here, deep in the souls of these financially focused, number-crunching buyers, there is emotion.

At Walz Tetrick Advertising, we believe B2B marketers must never forget that businesspeople are people, too. Because fundamentally, buyers transact business with people and companies they connect with emotionally. You like them. You trust them. You count on them when you need them. Selecting them makes you feel smart and safe (IBM). Or bold and heroic (Apple). There’s risk and reward. In a word, emotion.

The Walz Tetrick B2B strategic planning, media, digital and creative experts also understand that every business is unique. Even two competitors selling identical products to the same people in the same marketplace have vastly different challenges.

Armed with a wide range of research tools and resources, Walz Tetrick digs in to understand what drives your business. We learn your competitors, customers, sales funnel, suppliers, regulators and influencers. We discover what they read, where they go, what they watch and listen to, so we can reach each critical decision maker when and where they’re most receptive.

Then Walz Tetrick uncovers vital insights that spark interest and ignite long-term relationships. From value proposition and strategic positioning to brand promise and communications plan, we develop a solid marketing framework and fill it in with creative messaging that connects. That may involve video, direct mail, seminars, trade shows, radio, print, outdoor, and, of course, a fully integrated, highly targeted digital plan that not only reaches the audience, but also delivers the kind of data the enables us to fine tune our messaging to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

If this is different than what you’d expect from a B2B ad agency, wait till you see our award-winning work and the incredible results it has produced.

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