Walz Tetrick Advertising and Heart of America Council Boy Scouts Shine at 2016 PMA

Boy Scouts Heart of America Annual Report 2016

Walz Tetrick Advertising (WTA) and Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America were recognized this year for excellence at the organization’s national President’s Marketing Awards (PMA). The agency’s work on the Council’s overall marketing plan and annual report received top honors.

The winning marketing plan for this 19-county region was a union of creative and media strategy, leveraging local strengths and opportunities while staying true to national brand alignment and collective marketing. Entries were judged on creativity, excellence and overall brand consistency.

“The Walz Tetrick team has been so instrumental in helping us tell the Scouting story in Kansas City. We are thankful to work with an agency that creatively engages the community and represents the brand of Scouting so well,” said Matt Armstrong, senior marketing director, Heart of America Council.

The annual report, by definition a regular component of the marketing plan, was a departure for the Council this year. Recognizing an opportunity to reach the organization’s current audience and allow them to share Scouting information with friends, family and social media followers, the agency proposed taking the report online for the first time.

The future is bright for this Council and the report needed to convey a sense of optimism. With the agency having won industry design awards for previous printed annual reports, expectations were high. Only something truly eye-catching would engage recipients from the beginning and drive them to the report online.

The solution was a simple 5″×7” announcement card with photochromic (glow-in-the-light) ink. Mohawk paper lent sustainability and supported Scouting dedication to preserving the environment. A simple, woodcut-style illustration depicted an outdoor mountain scene and succinct copy in the Scouting brand voice invited, “Take me outside. See what I can do.” Once exposed to sunlight, the ink activated within seconds, brightening the scene with embellishment—a sunrise, tent, and additional copy, “The Future is Bright. Visit www.hoacannualreport.com.”

The online annual report itself is an interesting blend of movement and statistics, visually unpacking membership numbers, donor lists, financial summaries and heartfelt testimonials. The report will remain evergreen on the Heart of American Council site, continuing to drive SEO in archived form and setting the bar for next year’s creative work.

“We are thrilled to share in this work with our client partner Heart of America Council,” said Charlie Tetrick, president and CEO, Walz Tetrick Advertising. “We know it’s through collaboration, mutual respect and healthy challenge that great solutions emerges.”