Raised Royal

Theme, Television, Radio, Out-of-Home, Fan Engagement

How did we tap into the kind of team loyalty that transcends one or two seasons.

When it comes to the Kansas City Royals, loyalty knows no time or geography. It’s not measured by winning streaks or championships. It’s measured in generations. For some, the passion is handed down from parent to child to grandchild like a treasured family heirloom. For others, it’s the joy of seeing your first walk-off win after moving here from Denver. As the commercial says, “Whether you’re on the field or in the stands, when your team is your family, you’re Raised Royal.”

Raised Royal Logo


Our television campaign features real people telling their own Raised Royal stories. Some of those people wear a Royals uniform, like Danny Duffy or first base coach Rusty Kuntz. Many are familiar with General Manager Dayton Moore’s story. Alex Gordon was born a Cornhusker but Raised Royal. And nobody expresses the Raised Royal spirit like the late great Buck O’Neil. This campaign captures them all.


Raised Royal isn’t just a campaign theme. It’s an opportunity for true fan engagement. It’s a membership badge for an exclusive club where everyone is welcome. From outdoor boards and painted wall murals to yard signs and drink coasters to social profile frames and meme selectors, we worked closely with the Royals’ marketing team to develop a wide range of opportunities to let fans express their Raised Royal memories.


A mural program throughout the season allows local artists to display their Raised Royal interpretations on walls around the city.


Boulevard Brewing got into the act, printing 10 different Raised Royal statements on coasters distributed to more than 100 local bars and restaurants.


Season ticket holders picked up one of three Raised Royal yard signs to show their neighbors how deeply their loyalty runs.


Social media played a huge role in creating buzz for the campaign, encouraging fans to go online to download profile frames and even select their favorite Raised Royal memes.