How did we lure players past their favorite casinos to try their luck somewhere else?

The WTA gaming team saw that Prairie Band Casino was at a huge disadvantage compared to other casinos throughout Kansas. Playing there meant a significant drive for enthusiasts from KC, Wichita, Topeka and western Kansas. We also saw an opportunity to tap into the fundamental nature of casino players. They love to take a risk. They love to go for it.

Prairie Brand Go For It Campaign, Casino and Resort

WTA’s campaign encouraged players looking for a casino resort experience to “Go for it.” Throughout TV, radio, print, outdoor and direct mail, our campaign highlighted that critical moment when the potential reward hangs in the balance. When the dice are in the air. When the roulette ball ricochets around the wheel. When the slot reels are spinning. Did the risk pay off? To find out, you have to “Go for it.”