Olathe Health

Logo, Tagline, Television, Radio, Print Ads, Outdoor

How did we reposition Olathe Health for the future without losing sight of the past?

What’s wrong with the image of a friendly community hospital that delivers personalized care? Nothing, unless it overshadows industry-leading technology, nationally recognized physicians and a network of 45 clinics and specialty services. That’s precisely what we faced as we positioned Olathe Health for success in an increasingly competitive healthcare environment.

Rather than abandoning their high-touch heritage, we embraced it as we evolved their brand with a new logo, tagline and cross-channel brand advertising campaign.


Consumers told us that the old logo, while outdated, evoked positive feelings of warmth and caring. So instead of abandoning it and starting from scratch, we evolved the logo with a design that is sophisticated and up to date, incorporating bright colors that support the brand promise to focus on the health of the community.

Olathe Health's New Signage


Since consumers generally think of Olathe Medical Center for minor conditions, the objective of the brand television campaign is to wow them with high-tech procedures and services delivered by renowned physicians while reinforcing the high-touch embrace that Olathe Health is known for.


The :30 “Wings” spot showcases a first-in-market cardiac procedure, life-improving spinal surgery and the benefits of Olathe Medical Center’s new Neonatal ICU. Tying these surprising offerings together is a ribbon of color that transforms into the angel wings of the progressive new logo. A :15 version is used as digital pre-roll.


Outdoor serves as 24/7 support for our umbrella brand message. Other boards generate buzz for the new NICU, which officially opened its doors on May 9.


Print ads continue to reinforce the brand platform but also deliver a level of detail intended to inform and convince. Likewise, a wide variety of digital ads generates awareness of the new brand position to a highly targeted audience, always driving responses to relevant pages on the Olathe Health website.

Pandora Ad