Kansas City Royals


How do we always get Royals season ticket sales off to a spectacular start?

Each year, the WTA creative and media teams work together to find the perfect outdoor location for a spectacular season ticket kickoff. The challenge? Capture the spirit of Royals baseball in a way that motorists have never seen before.


As they marched toward the World Series Championship, each Royals victory was

celebrated with a Salvy Splash. To jump start the 2016 season, Salvy splashes the entire

Royals community to show how important the fans are to the Royals’ success.

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Following the Royals’ first World Series appearance in 29 years, the fleet feet of Jarrod Dyson

burned the base paths and the billboard on the way to becoming “Forever Royal.” Concerned

drivers were quick to call the fire department. How’s that for sizzling publicity?


In 2014, Alex Gordon’s aggressive base running showed KC fans what it means to “Be Royal,”

as his head-first slide pulls the vinyl right off the board.


In 2013, James Shields’ fastball rips the billboard before reaching Salvador Perez’s mitt on the opposite side of I-35