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We ‘built a fire’ to share another great Boy Scouts year 

The 12 points of the Scout Law are so much more than words on paper; they’re the reason the Boy Scouts exist. So we created 12 unique, laser-cut postcards, one for each point of the Scout Law, that were mailed out to hundreds of stakeholders, announcing the 2015 annual report. The interactive cards included the link to the online report and invited 19 counties of Scouts and volunteers go out in the community and show Scout character burning bright.

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How did we shed light on the 2014 Boy Scout annual report?

One of the great appeals of Scouting is spending time in nature, which couldn’t be more different than reading an online annual report. So instead of sending an email with a link to the 2014 report, we created a postcard with light-sensitive ink that would only appear in direct sunlight. That’s really living the brand.

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