Boy Scouts of America

Online Annual Report, Video, Social Media/Mail Campaign

How did we bring the Scouting mission to life and boost support? 

The Heart of America Council of the Boy Scouts serves 30,000 youth in Kansas and Missouri. That translates into almost $10 million in expenses, requiring strong support from the community. We saw the potential for their annual report, a major marketing expense, to be more than a recounting of statistics. Why not boost excitement, engagement and donations? Transitioning from printed reports to a digital presence, we put the budget, and our energy, into Boy Scouts campaigns around the annual summer release.

Memorable messages, keepsake mailers, video, social media and more: The new approach was a hit with supporters, and brought WTA a few local and national awards along the way.

2016: We took 20,000 Scouts and supporters on an adventure.

What’s is it about Scouting that creates unforgettable, lifelong memories? For the adult supporters in our target audience, the answer is easy: Outdoor adventure. No other youth-serving organization does it like the Boy Scouts. So we zeroed in on what that experience feels like, creating an inspiring video, shot on location at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation for our social media campaign and online annual report. But we didn’t stop there, we also cut, stamped and mailed 500 keepsake “postcards” made out of old tents from Bartle, to announce the annual report. To expand the reach of the Scouts’ message, we sent the video to 20,000 stakeholders around the Heart of America Council. It was one of their most-viewed and most-shared videos of the year.

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2015: We built a fire for spirit and engagement.

The 12 points of the Scout Law are so much more than words on paper; they’re the reason the Boy Scouts exist. So to announce the 2015 online annual report, we created 12 unique, laser-cut postcards, one for each point of the Scout Law. Hundreds of area Boy Scouts stakeholders received the keepsake cards. The interactive mailer included the annual report URL and a challenge: Show Scout character burning bright on social media.

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Boy Scouts Annual Report Website

2014: We shed a light on a really bright year.

One of the great appeals of Scouting is spending time in nature, which couldn’t be more different than reading an online annual report. So instead of sending an email with a link to the 2014 report, we created a postcard with light-sensitive ink that would only appear in direct sunlight. That’s really living the brand.

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