4INFO Celebration Campaign

Walz Tetrick Advertising is a full-service agency that knows how to get your customers and prospects talking about your brand. With dynamic, memorable concepts, we start a conversation that soon becomes a long-term relationship. Here are just a few examples of creative executions that have made our clients want to dance and shout. Need more proof? Call us today.

Raised Royal

Raised Royal

Olathe Health Rebrand

Olathe Health Rebrand

May 3, 2017

Valley Hope </br>Brand Strategy

Valley Hope
Brand Strategy

November 18, 2016

Park University </br>Billboards, Video & Radio

Park University
Billboards, Video & Radio

Kansas City Royals </br>Outdoor

Kansas City Royals

American Royal </br>Discover Campaign

American Royal
Discover Campaign

Loch Lloyd </br>Website

Loch Lloyd

Boy Scouts of America</br> Annual Report Campaign

Boy Scouts of America
Annual Report Campaign

One Light</br>Branding

One Light


NutraBlend</br>Chew on This Tour

Chew on This Tour

October 27, 2016

Prairie Band Casino & Resort</br>Go For It Campaign

Prairie Band Casino & Resort
Go For It Campaign

Western Missouri Medical Center</br> Your Partner Campaign

Western Missouri Medical Center
Your Partner Campaign

October 25, 2016