Summer Internship FTW: Free Coffee AND Food! (OK, We Learned Some Stuff, Too.)

2017 Summer Interns at Royals Hall of Fame

Ali Campbell, Maribeth Eiken, Mickaela Hoffpauir, Natalie Picker

People are brought together for a reason. Sometimes it’s deep and Nicholas Sparks-worthy, and sometimes it’s just four girls getting accepted into the same advertising internship program. Even though we come from different walks of life, we became a team and learned some lessons along the way.

1. No two days are the same
Every day this summer kept us on our toes. Being flexible and open-minded is important in this industry. Luckily for us, we enjoyed the challenge.

2. Always be open to new challenges
No matter how much you know, you can always learn more. Sometimes you have to do something that feels like a huge leap. So jump! The best way to learn is trial and error, something we experienced almost daily this summer.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help…
Or let someone know that you don’t know something. Showing vulnerability can be hard to do. But in the long run, it not only benefits you but those around you. People love to be of service and to offer insights to those in need. It’s human nature.

4. Be open-minded when working in teams
Good ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. We all have great minds. Learn to work with different personality types. We took the Myers-Briggs personality test, which helped us understand each other and connect in a deeper way. Learning to accept and embrace others for who they are makes working as a team go more smoothly.

5. Always take advantage of the free food in the office
They say college students are wild about free food, and that doesn’t really change after turning over the tassel. By the end of every week, the well-stocked kitchen was bare. Don’t be afraid to dive in if it’s offered. Feed your brain so you can work more effectively.

6. Sleep
Needless to say, the workday is longer than the average class day. We’re gung-ho to graduate and get out in the workforce, but one thing we will miss is the schedule of a college student. Having breaks between classes is a blessing, as naps sometimes save our lives. This isn’t something a full-time job allows. So, get your full eight hours, kids.

7. If you’re tired and have an attitude, don’t show it
Your relationship with those you work with is important. Breathe. Understand your mindset. Let your team know what’s going on. There is no need to slow down a day or hurt a relationship because you missed a few Z’s.

8. Apply for a job somewhere with free coffee
This is similar to the food insight above, but it’s a whole other level of importance. Coffee was our life force for all eight weeks at Walz Tetrick, and our need/desire/reliance only grew as the weeks went by. But we don’t regret it one bit!

9. Your work will be good 30 percent of the time.
But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give 110 percent in all the work you do. Working hard means more than having all of your work be a success. Hard work and personal success take persistence, an entrepreneurial spirit and passion. Keep moving forward and giving it your all. It always pays off in the end.

We saved this for last because this was the biggest thing we learned, by far. Being able to work in a team is a must because in advertising, you do this all the time. If there is a lack of communication on your team, or if there is confusion, figure out what is causing it and how to work through it. To focus and work toward your goals, clarity is a must.

This internship not only allowed us to gain real-world experience and improve our professional skills, it allowed us to see what our futures might hold. Luckily for us, Walz Tetrick made us feel at home and gave us a great transition to the next phase of our lives.

If you have the chance to be an intern in your respective field, go for it! Trust us. You’ll thank us later.