Restaurant marketing expertise, prepared fresh daily

Walz Tetrick cooks up strategies that stimulate trial and build long-term loyalty.

A lot of ad agencies seek restaurant clients because, hey, who wouldn’t want a nice big slice of a gazillion-dollar national ad budget? And everyone has to eat, right?

Here at Walz Tetrick, we serve our marketing expertise to restaurants for a very different reason. We enjoy collaborating with our clients to help you overcome the difficult challenges you face every day.

Restaurateurs today must balance rising food costs with thinner margins. You face more competitors and aggressive price promotions. All while stretching smaller advertising budgets. How does a QSR franchisee promote new dayparts and value deals without losing sight of quality? How does a fast casual chain encourage customers to take the family out more often instead of eating at home? How do you get foodies to savor your chef’s creations instead of those down the street?

Yeah, we get it. And we live it, talking with franchisees, learning their individual pain points, developing recommendations to driving traffic and frequency. Along the way, we deploy the latest research tools to learn who your customers are, what they like to do, where they go, how they spend their discretionary income and so much more. Then we create a media plan that ensures every dollar has as much impact as possible. We look at TV, video, radio, digital display, paid and organic social, outdoor, point-of-sale and special events. Just like cooking, quality matters, so we stay away from media that doesn’t deliver. And we ensure every marketing plan is unique to your needs so you stand out from the crowd. You’ll get no cookie cutter solutions from Walz Tetrick.

We believe the work we do for Dairy Queen and Hard Rock speaks for itself. But we’re also proud of the fact that our restaurant marketing gurus walked through the door with some pretty appetizing resumes. In our halls you’ll find veterans with agency and client-side experience working for some of the most successful and familiar restaurant brands around. It’s part of who we are.

If you want to learn more about who we are, check out one of our recent case studies below.

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