Media planning, buying and celebrating

Walz Tetrick media expertise wins awards and stretches budgets

How do you know you’re getting the most from your media budget? Are you reaching the right audience? Are they seeing your message? And more importantly, do they remember seeing it?

Whether you’re running broadcast TV, radio, digital pre-roll, paid social or good old fashioned outdoor, at Walz Tetrick, we believe the secret to maximizing your media spend isn’t buying cheaper placements. The key is being more visible than your competitors when and where your audience is paying attention. With other ad agencies or media specialists, that might get expensive. But at Walz Tetrick, it’s the most effective way to stretch your media budget.

We start with the latest audience research to understand your customers inside and out. That tells us what media they’re consuming, what they’re watching, where they’re surfing and when they’re tuned in. From there, we deploy the industry’s best competitive tools to learn what other advertisers are spending. Then we negotiate the most visible position at a cost that beats the market by an average of 10 percent.

Quality placement at the most efficient cost. That’s why the Walz Tetrick Media team has twice been named Agency of the Year by Media Mix. And it’s why you should learn more about our media planning and buying expertise.

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