Walz Tetrick Partners with Kansas Prevention Agencies to Develop It Matters Campaign

Kansas Behavioral Health Services, It Matters campaign

With “It Matters” campaign, Walz Tetrick Advertising helps Kansas Prevention Agencies offer a path to healing.

CLIENT: Kansas Behavioral Health Services helps communities in every corner of the state understand the extent and cause of problems like alcohol abuse, drug use and suicide.
GOAL: Empower those communities with tools and resources to make a positive change.

Doing good work for people doing good.
It’s not every day you get to work for a client that’s literally saving lives. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to do that, for healthcare clients and also for state prevention agencies helping people with problems like drug and alcohol addiction, depression and suicide.

In 2015, we helped Kansas rebrand their alcohol abuse prevention efforts from TeenThinking to “It Matters.” This month, Walz Tetrick completed a large project that launches It Matters into an important new phase.

It Matters (a service of Kansas’ Behavioral Health Services) now has a new website and a host of integrated, educational multi-media campaigns that will elevate the visibility and reach of their important work.

It Matters is about more than sales and profits. It’s about pointing people on a path to healing. It’s a big project we hope will have a big impact.

A new brand for a new mandate.
You may have seen our past work the Kansas prevention team. Billboards, school banners, movie theater videos. Previously our partners focused mostly on underage drinking (TeenThinking). But — and here’s where the “big” part comes in — they were asked to tackle a much broader range of behavioral health issues, and provide local communities everything they need to educate people and get them the help they need.

Data told them they needed to address marijuana (something they had already started to do), prescription drugs, suicide, problem gambling and binge drinking, in addition to underage drinking. We took the challenge and ran with it, creating “It Matters,” a unifying brand that works well for a wide variety of behavioral health problems and a much broader audience, including adults of all ages.

It Matters campaign, Kansas Behavioral Health Services

Make a connection to make a difference.
To get results we knew our audience needed to feel both empathy and empowerment. Walz Tetrick worked closely with our client to translate research-based clinical approaches into compelling and creative messages.

This required considerable research, tapping into our client’s expertise, and a good understanding of the audience. In the end, Walz Tetrick delivered a catalog of materials for use by prevention groups around the state, including 20 radio spots, 13 videos, dozens of digital and social elements, and lots and lots of print pieces (from vinyl banners to direct mail).

Help is a phone call away.
Each piece says “We understand” and “Help is available.” The website has warning signs, risk factors and practical tips for taking action. Integrated into the public site is a convenient portal (launching soon) that enables local prevention groups to order customized versions of these campaign pieces, for use in their communities.

Check out the It Matters website. If you live in Kansas, keep an eye out for these campaigns at work in your hometown! We’re so proud to be part of this project helping people in Kansas.

And if you, or someone you know, needs help. It Matters is a great place to start.

Learn more about Kansas prevention efforts by following the Kansas Prevention Collaborative on Facebook or going to their website.

Lajean Rau-Keene, senior copywriter, has worked at Walz Tetrick since 2011. Lajean loves research and storytelling and is a stickler for accuracy. Her clients have included the Boy Scouts, the American Royal, Olathe Health System, Dairy Queen and the state of Kansas.