As a Kansas City agency, we are Kansas City experts.

We love this place.

There are a lot of ad agencies in Kansas City. When you stack us up with these full-service shops, one thing definitely sets us apart.

We know the people of KC. We know what they care about. And we know how to ignite their passions.

We rally fans of the KC Royals and the American Royal. We’re inspiring kids and their parents to love the Boy Scouts. We’re tapping the hopes and dreams of Park University students. And helping Olathe Health build relationships with their neighbors, so they can build healthier communities.

Why do we understand these people so well? It’s certainly not because they’re all the same. Kansas City straddles a state line and a whole bunch of cultural lines. East is different from west. So it is with north and south, urban, suburban and rural. Kansas City is a rich cultural tapestry with a shared sense of pride but a diverse array of viewpoints, customs and favorite college basketball teams.

Within the walls of Walz Tetrick, you’ll find an equally diverse staff of marketers who grew up and live in every corner of the Kansas City metro. And we leverage our wide-ranging personal experiences to make one-to-one connections every single day.

So when it comes to igniting the passion of Kansas Citians, let’s just say we’re no stranger to these parts.

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Local KC Work

Boy Scouts of America</br> Annual Report Campaign

Boy Scouts of America
Annual Report Campaign

McCownGordon Construction</br>From Sketch to Skyline Campaign

McCownGordon Construction
From Sketch to Skyline Campaign

Raised Royal<br>Campaign

Raised Royal


Olathe Health Rebrand

Olathe Health Rebrand

May 3, 2017