Healthcare marketing that actually helps people.

Human insights drive positive outcomes.

Few marketing categories are as packed with natural drama as healthcare. On one end of the emotional spectrum, patients experience concern, fear and confusion. On the other, hope, relief and joy. With so much human drama playing out in real life every day, it’s ironic that healthcare advertising is so short on … well, humanity.

At Walz Tetrick Advertising, we seek to reach healthcare consumers on an emotional level, always with the goal of providing the information they need to make the decisions that will affect their families.

Whether we’re creating advertising for hospitals, doctors or clinics, our healthcare marketers leverage deep expertise across the areas that matter most. We understand the regulatory, operational and budgetary constraints faced by networks and providers. We stay up on the latest medical procedures and protocols. And we never stop listening to patients to uncover unique insights that lead to stronger messaging.

After we’ve crafted a meaningful, memorable and sustainable campaign, we engage our audience when and where they’re most receptive. Since consumers so frequently turn to the internet for their healthcare information, we’re going to make sure our campaign has an ironclad digital framework with a strong social media component. The latest listening tools help us refine our messaging so we’re always relevant. And when it comes to planning and buying offline media, you won’t find any agency that does a better job of making your budget as effective as possible.

Want to see how well our healthcare marketing experts perform? Check out our case studies below.

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Healthcare Marketing Work

Olathe Health Rebrand

Olathe Health Rebrand

May 3, 2017

Valley Hope </br>Brand Strategy

Valley Hope
Brand Strategy

November 18, 2016

NutraBlend</br>Chew on This Tour

Chew on This Tour

October 27, 2016

Western Missouri Medical Center</br> Your Partner Campaign

Western Missouri Medical Center
Your Partner Campaign

October 25, 2016