‘Tis the Season to Believe in Something Bigger than Advertising: A Culture of Giving at Walz Tetrick

By November 15, 2016Leadership, News
WTA giving back and wrapping presents

“A lot of companies treat philanthropy as something to do if they have leftover money or time. We think it’s core to who we are, what our mission is, what our culture is.” » Charlie Tetrick, President & CEO

What makes you love your job? Or not love your job?

Awesome coworkers? Fun and challenging work? A boss who cares? At Walz Tetrick, our boss cares a lot. Not just about us, and the work we do, but about causes and people in the community. Charlie is a giver, and the attitude trickles down. It’s one of my favorite things about working here.

So while we’re enjoying food and drink together throughout the year (something we like to do a lot), we’re also raising money to help out families in need.

Our well-stocked snack bar includes a drinks fridge. For every Coke or orange juice or tea we grab, we mark a tally. At the end of the month, we pay up (just a quarter for most drinks). Then in December, we spend every dime on adopted families. It’s a pretty good chunk of change. And it feels really, really good.

We shop. We wrap. We deliver. And then we start thinking about next year.

None of it would be possible without Charlie, who sets a great example all year long, reminding us that giving back is a must, not an option. And it’s just one of the many ways we give as an agency and as individuals.

So during this 30 Days of Gratitude, I want to say thank you to the man who buys all those drinks.

I’m grateful to work at a company that values generosity and community.

What makes me love my job? That’s somewhere near the top of the list.

How do you give back at the office?

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Lajean Rau-Keene, senior copywriter, has worked at Walz Tetrick since 2011. Lajean loves research and storytelling and is a stickler for accuracy. Her clients have included the Boy Scouts, the American Royal, Olathe Health System, Dairy Queen and the state of Kansas.