It takes more than creativity to be a creative agency.

Smart people create brilliant advertising.

Most marketers understand the value of creative advertising. It catches the eye, informs consumers, creates interest, stimulates trial and works harder to achieve marketing goals. But everyone also knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And that’s certainly true of anything in the creative realm. So what makes ads creatively great? What separates them from the noise bombarding us from every corner of our existence? And why should you care?

Great creative ads strike an emotional chord with the audience. They spark a connection that goes beyond a product feature or benefit to something much more visceral. Great ads elevate the brand and take the audience from “I need that” to “I must have that.”

Of course, that’s easier said than done. At Walz Tetrick, we believe the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe. You have to go out of limb. You must express a point of view. Great ads aren’t created for the lowest common denominator. They intrigue the audience, invite them on a journey and reward them when they arrive.

Doing that requires curious, inventive and resourceful marketers who understand the audience, the brand and the reasons why they belong together. To us, branding isn’t a stepping stone. It’s a cornerstone. And advertising isn’t art for art’s sake. It’s art for business’ sake.

Is it a TV commercial or viral video? A billboard or radio spot? A Facebook post or retail shelf sign? Sure, why not? But mostly great creative is a transformative idea that’s big enough to go anywhere.

That’s why creativity isn’t restricted to the creative department. At Walz Tetrick, our entire staff – from the writers and art directors to the media planners and buyers to the strategic gurus in account service – understand the vital role of creativity in achieving our clients’ goals. And we don’t stop working until those goals are achieved.

Want to see how we use creativity to achieve our clients’ goals? Visit our Work page by clicking here.


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