Like Surprises in Your Stocking: Walz Tetrick’s Media Team Talks Added Value

By December 23, 2016Media, Strategy
Like surprises in your stocking

Often when advertisers think of benchmarking their media buying, they think of only what they pay for and not what they get. However, “added value” is an important component in the media value equation. It is the “extras” included when your media buy is put together.

While sometimes difficult to measure, added value media is an important strategic opportunity not simply a bonus. I like to think of it in terms of the candy, lip balm and gift cards in my stocking Christmas Day—exciting because they’re unexpected. If your media agency is doing its job, however, you can begin to count on these surprises.

The practice of gaining added value has been around since the 1980s. Today it’s a best practice. Agencies can negotiate for added value media in print, digital, radio and television buys—each form has unique opportunities. Expect your media partner to work hard to secure added value for you.

• Bonus commercials (typically 5 to 30 seconds)
• Short “billboard” announcements at the beginning or end of a commercial break
• Digital posts on station websites
• Mentions by on-air personalities
• Interviews
• E-Blasts (sent by the station)

• Improved ad placement
• Near content vs. near other ad
• Above the fold
• Color vs. black-and-white rate
• Editorial vs. “advertorial” positioning

Digital and social
In digital advertising, the options for added value are more limited. This form of advertising wasn’t an option when added value grew in importance. And it’s a medium that’s all about innovation and breaking rules. Currently, there aren’t any value added opportunities in social media. But some digital vendors are trying to find common ground with more traditional media by offering options like additional digital ad impressions (views) and sponsored web articles.

As with all our media buys, we are guided by our clients’ marketing goals and strategies, working hard to provide the best media solution for every situation. Our goal is to deliver added value on every media purchase. And while it’s never guaranteed, we come pretty close. There is no direct financial gain in it for us, but it’s important to our clients, so it’s important to us. We also track, monitor and ensure delivery, just like with any media purchase. One way we do this is by including added value in our contracts, for extra accountability.

Savings on every buy is added value, too
So far, I’ve shared about traditional added value media. But there’s another kind that’s arguably even more impactful. While getting “extras” on every media buy is important, imagine spending under the marketplace value on every media buy. That’s what we strive for. Using a data resource called SQAD, we determine the going rate in particular markets during particular times. Then we use that insight to negotiate and deliver below the marketplace cost.

Being able to buy more advertising with those savings is like doing all your Christmas shopping in the clearance section. While stocking stuffers are awesome, spending less on the exact same Christmas gifts is even better. Whether you’re more of a stocking stuffer fan or coupon clipper, we’re dedicated to ensuring the best value for every dollar our clients spend.


In 2015, Brian Sieminski joined the Walz Tetrick team as an Associate Media Research Analyst and immediately started learning from the best. Working under Media Buyer and Media Planner legends, Brian has already been recognized at the Media Mix Awards as the Media Support Professional of the Year. He works closely with clients like CHI Health, Olathe Health System, 7th Street Casino and Dairy Queen.