Aaaarrrrrrrg! Walz Tetrick Advertising Creates Another “Spectacular” Billboard, this time for Park University

By January 17, 2017Creative, Media
Park University Outdoor Billboard, Brand Creative

If you’ve followed Walz Tetrick at all over the past several years, you know that we have embraced the out-of-home space as a creative and media gold mine. Doing good outdoor has always been particularly challenging for advertisers and their agencies. Frankly, it’s a tough assignment. You’re trying to connect with rush hour drivers who are dodging other vehicles while thinking more about what’s on the radio than what’s on a billboard.

Our most gratifying successes in the medium have come from disrupting the space, changing the rules so that the purity of the idea can break through the distractions and clutter to lock eyeballs on our clients’ messages. Our annual “spectaculars” for the Royals have been recognized by local news stations, national sports websites, the Obie Awards and the Clio Awards. But far more important than awards are the results generated from the fans who see our boards, embrace the message and put their butts into seats at The K.

A pirate’s life for you.

Recently, we had the opportunity to create the same kind of disruption for Park University. While our “Park. You.” brand refresh campaign is now taking hold across traditional print, radio and outdoor media (see it here), we wanted to supercharge the launch with an outdoor spectacular.

Since, Park U’s mascot is a pirate, the challenge wasn’t coming up with enough ideas. It was narrowing the ideas to those that were the simplest to grasp at 65 mph and execute flawlessly. Production constraints can spell doom for groundbreaking ideas. Our executions have to live within the realm of static boards and the local ordinances where we place those boards. And in case you didn’t know it already, KC has some of the more restrictive laws governing outdoor advertising.

What we developed for Park was elegant in its simplicity and crystal clear in its message. A giant 3D pirate hook pulls down the billboard vinyl to reveal a message hand-painted on the underlying plywood: A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR YOU. In addition to the 3D hook, which is about 10 feet tall, we created the pirate’s arm beneath the billboard structure, extending all the way to the trees beneath the board.

Remember those local ordinances I mentioned? Those rules limited the total square feet of extensions that we could put beneath the catwalk. So the distance from the bottom of the board to the ground was a vital factor in selecting the specific location. That’s where the tireless efforts of our award-winning media department come in. Through their collaborative relationships with the outdoor companies, WT Media scoured the metro for the best possible location, and then facilitated the production process with Outfront Media’s in-house crew.

The results are nothing short of phenomenal. Check out our behind-the-scenes video to see how it all came together.

Inspired by relentless curiosity and fearless originality, Jeff Chase leads the creative movement at WTA. He believes in making powerful emotional connections to build long-term brand relationships. With more than 25 years as a writer and creative director, Jeff’s work has enhanced loyalty, stimulated response and won awards across every conceivable advertising medium.